10 June 2009

Craniopagus Twins

Hi everyone, this might be the last time i am blogging before the SPM examination.. Well, holidays are coming to an end..time flies during holidays but creeps during exams.. i wasted the whole of last week doing basically nothing. i read novels, laze around the house, staring at the sky , just to mention a few.

Last Saturday, i visited the MPH book fair in BBT One tower. Got myself a few books with reasonable prices.

1) The Girls by Lori Lansens(RM10)

2)A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern(RM15)

3)The Last Breath by Denise Mina(RM15)

i have read The Girls and it turned out to be an awesome book. The story revolved around the lives of a pair of craniopagus twins (Rose and Ruby). i should not reveal the entire synopsis of this story here as you should get your hands on a copy of it. This is how a pair of craniopagus twins looks like

(Maria Teresa and Mara de Jesus Quiej-Alvarez)

after reading the book, i started wondering about what it fells like to have another human attached to your head, precisely your sister if you are a female or a brother if you are a male. Conjoined twins will always be of the same sex. i do not have a sister. Hence, i treasure the idea of having a sister and in this case a sister permanently attached to my head. initially, i thought of it as a fantastic idea as 'we' can share our thoughts and feelings. My 'twin sister' might even be able to read my mind. However, i later figured out that conjoined twins cannot live without each another if not separated which means if i have an aneurysm, my 'sister's' life will be at stake too!!! So, it wasn't a great idea after all. I do not want to be a murderer........

Bye, that's all. Hopefully, i will be back in no time..

28 May 2009



Mid Year Exam has finally come to an end. I am happy and relieved although I screwed up in certain subjects. For instance, biology, additional mathematics, sejarah etc.. I am NOT lying because somehow nobody believes me whenever I say that I screwed up.... I am rather disappointed that my asean scholarship application is rejected. Anyway, good luck to those who made it.. :) Don't worry I am fine..

Today, Miss See informed me that I was chosen to represent the school in the district Physics quiz. Later, Puan Ting told me that she wants to choose me for the district Chemistry quiz. I am thinking twice whether to accept both offers. I am afraid that I will let them down. Anyway, I will try my very best if I were to participate... Sometimes, things are not as beautiful as it looks on the outside.. Success comes with sacrifices but sacrifices do not necessarily lead to success.. I guess you know what it means, right?? In short, NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!!

My upcoming activities:

June 29 - Physics Quiz

June _ _- Chemistry Quiz

July 16 - Kuiz Kimia Kebangsaan

July 25 - MGS Prefects' Gathering

July 30 - National Physics Competition

Life is a never ending journey. hooorayyyyyyyy!!! I am sane.....

09 April 2009

Who are we??

Sometimes, we tend to go against the norm. We all love to be different with one simple wish, to be noticed. Sometimes, we are aware of wrongdoings yet we purposely commit them in order to provoke the others. Sometimes, we don't even know what are we doing. When asked "What are you doing?" We go 'huh??'... Sometimes, we choose to be ignorant. We spot the mistakes and offences yet we close one eye and just walk by. Sometimes, we approach the others for their offences, without realising we are doing the same offence. We all want to be high achievers, good in studies, sports, co-curricular activities and so on. We are the chosen ones but why are we not proving ourselves so?? Why are we not united as one big family when we are supposed to do so?? While one of us is trying her very best to recover the mistakes you made, you on the other hand begin to hate her and in no time she is made the betrayer of your clique. Why are we so irresponsible?? Where gone all the sweet promises you gave when you wanted to be one of us ?? Call yourself a liar if you ask me what are those promises!! You lied and you have forgottten all about it.. Great!! Well done!! Nowadays, we are getting from bad to worse... We avoid students that commit offences. Aren't they supposed to be the ones to avoid us?? So, now the cat is afraid of the mouse?? What is going on?? Why are we letting ourselves go wild?? Why are we now made the "hot"topic of the school? Aren't we supposed to be perfect, a word so close to who we are?? Who do you think you are?? Why put on a uniform that symbolises pride and elegance if what left in you is an empty coconut husk?? Why pretend to be others when you are not them? Why consider yourself one of us if you have lost interest in this family? We are all so selfish, so individualistic! We only think for our own benefit. We let the other members do the tough job and all we do is wait and share the fruits of their labour ... Reminiscing the united spirit that we had once possessed, I sense great sadness and humility in me ... I am ashamed for what happened to us.. We used to trust each other so much and now we are being aware of one another?? Please, where have the spirits of leadership and credibility gone? If there is one person in this world who can save this sinking ship, it is you...You whom once belonged to this ship and still a crew until this very moment in your life....

18 March 2009

Another destination reached

Finally, I am back from Gunung Senyum, Pahang and surprisingly still breathing.. Hehe, I was just exaggerating about it. The camp was fine and rather challenging I would say. We were all soaked with mud and at that moment I put myself into the shoes of a mud skipper and started thinking what would it be like when you are covered with mud all the time. Then I realised that the mud skipper would just be like me! ( of course, I am the bigger version of the 21st century mud skipper)I was free from leeches. Hooray.. BUT the mosquitoes had a wonderful gastronomical experience dining on me. Sucking my blood and penetrating their minuscule legs into my skin causing me to itch all over.. Anyway, mosquitoes were much better than leeches.. So, I am grateful that the mosquitoes bit me and not the leeches.. Silly!! I was exhausted but contented that I managed to brave through this camp that has been haunting me since January. Another burden thrown off my the shoulders:)

It's school holidays again. However, that makes no difference because I am rather busy with my piled up homework. I guess the snowballing effect do happen to a nerd after all. My homework are snowballing due to me not being around in school for two days and skipping my BM tuition class. The second monthly exam is around the corner and it will be back to square one again when school reopens.. Sad and lazy at the same time.. Nerd getting lazy.. It had been hectic since school reopened in January. I could hardly fork out any personal time. The busy-as-a-bee life is back. Anyway, there is no way that I can turn back time. So, just move forward and stop regretting the lost time.

I would like to congratulate all the Form Five students of year 2008 who passed their SPM with flying colours. Congratulations.. After a whole lot of hard work, I believe you deserve it. Congratulations once again!!

I would also like to thank all the prefects who attended the camp in Pahang. Thank you for all the cooperation given throughout the camp. Congratulations, you made it through the camp although it was tough! But one thing for sure, WE ARE TOUGHER:)

28 February 2009

fingers crossed

Well, here I am again, ignoring what my teacher said on Wednesday to temporarily suspend my blog :) No way! Curious about who the teacher is?? Don't ask me, you know him..

Yesterday was the last day for our first monthly test. yeah!!! Hey, don't give me the stare, although I am a nerd but I dislike exams too.. I will be going for camping from the 12-14th of March. Honestly, I am not a fan of outdoor activities. I get freak out pretty much easily whenever insects are concerned. Great!! Thanks to me being a wonderful city folk.. Anyway, back to the point, I am hoping that when the prefects are camping in Pahang, you people in the school will not misbehave.. a mare's nest hope.. Apparently,I am constantly having butterflies in my stomach whenever the word 'camping' is mentioned. This is due to the fact that I suffered a terrible rash after returning from Sungai Congkak last year. It is true that I enjoyed the camp but the thought of getting those rashes again isn't tempting. However, I believe it will be much better this year as we are having a dorm to be slept in and no longer need to squeeze into a wet tent. Do pray hard that I will return from Pahang safe and sound.. By the way, we might not be getting new prefects' T-shirts this year as we have no sponsorship from the PIBG (yet).. In addition, Puan Azimah loves our current T-shirt as it blends really well with our 'banana tee'. :( Well, I have got to go now.. bye

16 February 2009

Jejak Bahasa

Latest News. I am the leader for one of the "Jejak Bahasa" group. So, I had to gather 10 members including me. At first, I thought this will turn out to be a piece of cake but it turned out that somehow rather everyone is trying to avoid being part and parcel of this year's "Jejak Bahasa". Anyway I still lack of one form 1 girl and two form 6 girls. Thus, if anyone that fulfills the above 'qualification' and is interested to participate in this event, please inform me. Thanks:) In addition, certificates will be given to all participants.

By the way, my name is Ng Ling Wei and I am from 5 Dedikasi...

01 February 2009

Why regret over spilt milk??

Chinese New Year may be nothing but a celebration to you but it means so much more to the elders.. Why I said so???

Everyone celebrates Chinese New Year but how many managed to grasp the meaning beneath this wonderful celebration??

~Chinese New Year(CNY) is the time of the year when the elders eagerly awaits the home-coming of their children and grandchildren as well as their great grandchildren.. The elders eagerly wait to give out the red packets and we the young ones so eager to receive them.. Just a simple and short visit to them once in a year makes them go over the moon... Well, I may seem to be exaggerating but the truth is when we get old, we will no longer like the solitary and quiet lifestyle, which apparently we teenagers consider privacy .. In Malaysia, paying a visit back to your hometown may not be a great deal. Furthermore, you can do it anytime you want throughout the year.. After all the journey from north to south will not take more than 12 hours of driving BUT what about those separated by demarcations and borders? Those who can only afford to travel back home once in a year due to time and financial constraint?? When I was in China for holidays two years back, our tour chauffeur told us that he only gets to visit his family two years once.. Back then, I was thanking God that I am so lucky compared to his son. What will it feels like when your dad is not there when you step into the school compound on the first day of school? What will it feels like when everyone is so busy preparing the Happy Fathers' Day card and you not knowing how your dad looks like because you only seen him twice in your life since the day you were born? Wow, I may have gone over the board but this is exactly what happens to most of the children in China. So, consider yourselves lucky and be thankful.. Paying a visit to your old grandparents will not cost you a bomb. Then, why grumble and mumble when asked to visit the elders? If you have ever looked into the eyes of the elders, you will see them smiling and rejoicing the reunion of the whole family after a tough year.. All I want to say here is that no matter how busy you are, please do pay a visit back to your elders during this festive season. The elders are already in their twilight years, why wait till it is too late? Why regret over spilt milk??